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In Burlington, Performance Window Cleaning offers spider removal and extermination services utilizing a method that leaves no mess or creepy crawlies behind.

Spider Removal Experts In Burlington

Call the spider removal experts at Performance Window Cleaning to get rid of unwelcome house pests and reduce your arachnid problem. Because we are aware of how unsettling a home spider infestation may be, we are delighted to provide complete, safe treatments that guarantee you are always protected against new spider intrusions.

To start a rapid, risk-free treatment that gets rid of the spiders in your house, give us a call right away.

Your Insect Infestation Will Be Eradicated By Our Spider Pest Control Process.

Spiders can be found in a range of sizes and shapes in Southern Ontario. predatory, like something out of a nightmare, and unsettlingly quiet… Given their capacity for venom, they are a dangerous bug to have around. Call Performance Window Cleaning for all of your Burlington spider control and removal needs, whether they are commercial, residential, or industrial, and you can bid farewell to pesky arachnids.

Soon, you won’t be able to remember anything but the creepy crawlies with eight legs.

We guarantee that the issue is always successfully treated with our spider pest control service. Not just the spiders but also their egg sacs and sticky webs can be removed, leaving your home pest-free.

Is the spray for spiders safe? is the most common query we hear. and the response is…


Everything is secure for people, animals, and children to touch an hour after we spray.

You won’t ever need to worry about your home’s security because our spider spray guarantees that your spider problem will be eliminated without causing any further issues. Exactly like that.

The Easy 3 Step Process To Having Your Spider Infestation Handled Correctly By A Professional Pest Control Company

Step 1 - Book a time for one of our experienced technicians to visit

In order to provide you peace of mind, the first step is for you to receive a price and schedule a time for us to visit your home and spray it with our all-natural insect repellent while also performing a thorough home inspection.

Step 2 - Our experienced pest control technicians visit your home

Our team of experts will provide exterior treatments, interior treatments, and perimeter treatment to make sure that your whole home is protected. After our exterminators have removed webs, eggs and sprayed, we clean your windows making sure no sticky residue is left, and you can enjoy the surrounding views of lake Ontario.

Step 3 - Enjoy your spider free homevisit your home

After your property has been sprayed and cleaned, you can relax knowing that your home will be free of spiders for a few months. However, we do recommend a regular inspection and a pest management plan to ensure your home is free of spiders all year long.

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Frequently asked questions

Spider removal depends on the size of your home as the eco-friendly spray we use is a big factor in the quote, if you’d like a quick easy price simply give us a call a (905) 401-3793

No, we do not provide raccoon removal or rodent removal we specialize in spider extermination as it is a messy process and we have the expertise and team to make sure we offer reliable pest control. To get rid of raccoons it would be best to contact a pest & animal control company, for a wildlife inspection or wildlife control.

We provide spider control to residential properties but do not provide removal or other common unwanted pests

At this time we do not. Our spray and removal process is specialized towards spiders and is not as effective on the other type of pests.

Though that would be great! Unfortunately, it does not help with bed bugs

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